Write a communication theory analysis of your findings in a 1,800- to 2,100-word paper.

Watch television news coverage of the same story on three different TV networks. Write a communication theory analysis of your findings in a 1,800- to 2,100-word paper. Include how the three different forms of coverage of the same news story are portrayed and how the segments are framed with regard to presentation and bias. Do not analyze the issue or story, but rather the coverage. This means you will need to mention the news story and give a brief background/description of the story, but the main focus will be how the story was covered by the three stations.

What are the points of view of the segments? Are they objective or subjective? How do they demonstrate that point of view? Was there anything that was included that should not have been? What was omitted? (The answers to these questions will require that you provide specific descriptions of what each story contained: was there a reporter on scene? Was there video? Statistics? Maps? How long was the story on each channel?, etc. Essentially, you need to tell what was on the screen in order for your reader to get a picture in their mind of each story.) Remember, to include insight using communication theories

How are various social groups within the news segments represented?  (Whom did they interview?)

Are these news segments taken at face value or are they sensationalized for entertainment?

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