Write a reflective account of your learning during the preparation of the strategic audit of your selected company.

7. Measures for effective Implementation (12 pages only for this question) Specific actions needed to overcome resistance while implementing the new sub- strategies (i.e. closing each sub-gap) a) List each sub-group b) What are the potential problems anticipated while closing the gaps? c) What should be done about these expected problems? d) Who should do it (Top management\ which department?) Please be specific? e) Discuss in detail the role of the Human Resource Department. 8. Major recommended actions of the strategic Audit (4 pages only for this question) a) Actions needed for responsiveness to the General Environment ( PESTEL) b) Actions needed for competitive responses in the industry/market ( Porter ) c) Actions needed for Vision-Alignment ( based on Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives analysis ) d) Actions needed for responsiveness to the industry environment ( Environmental Scanning Analysis ) e) Actions needed for alignment with future turbulence ( Ansoff’s Strategic Readiness Diagnosis ) 9. Reflective Account (500 words for the strategic readiness diagnosis-the work that we finished previously and another 500 words for the effective implementation question and major recommended actions of strategic audits) You are required to write a reflective account of your learning during the preparation of the strategic audit of your selected company. • Your reflective account should include elements on : a) An evaluation of what aspects of developing the audit you found difficult and what aspects worked well for you. ) Reflection on your own individual learning. ) What you have learnt from doing this audit and how it could improve your future work, including educational activities. d) Other personal reflections on the course

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