Write a research paper exploring an aspect of language in culture.

According to the University of Purdue’s Writing Lab, “a research paper is the culmination and final product of an involved process of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, organization, and composition.”* Your research essay is your opportunity to explore language through a topic that interests you. Task: Using the discussions across Language Awareness, write a research paper exploring an aspect of language in culture. This could be to do with a current or a past issue, your culture or that of a place that interests you. Guidelines: Your Research Essay must: • be 7-10 typed, double-spaced pages following MLA formatting • include a Works Cited page, which is in addition to this page count o your Works Cited must include 6 reputable critical sources for your research, and only 2 of these can be online sources like blogs, forums, etc. Ebooks and online scholarly journals are not counted as online sources o You should use Language Awareness as part of your research, if you can! • Your research essay is to be completed alongside class readings and your other writing assignments; you will need to manage your time carefully! • All first and final drafts of essays must be submitted both in hard form to me and to Turnitin.com and must be uploaded by the start of class time. Failure to do so will lose you a full grade from your final essay grade. Your essay will not be graded if it is not turned in to Turnitin.com. • Remember: I do not read and grade first drafts. I am happy to work with you, however, on specific aspects of your draft(s) via email well in advance of the final essays deadline. • All components of your research paper (first and final drafts) must: o be typed, double-spaced, use a legible font sized 11 or 12. o be formatted according to MLA guidelines.

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