Write a simulation of the RR scheduling policy.


1) The scheduling policy is Round Rock (RR).

2) The state of the system can change at any tick (end of a tick).

3) OS decisions and actions are done only at the end of a slice. A slice is 20 ticks.

4) Tasks are generated (at any tick) with a probability p1.

5) The running task can incur an I/O event (at any tick) with a probability p2

6) The remaining execution time of a task is denoted by R3. If R3=0, the task terminates.

7) The length of an I/O event is denoted by R4. If R4=0, the I/O event is completed

Assignment Instructions:

Write a simulation of the RR scheduling policy.

Your program should use a random number generator that generates random numbers {R1,R2,R3,R4} in the range [0, 1] and augment the number as needed to get the ranges specified below.

P1=1 if R1>0.95; otherwise P1=0

P2=1 if R2>0.95; otherwise P2=0

R3∈[10,50]; R4∈[10,30].

The simulation should run for 1500 ticks and produce a screen-shot of the system throughput (number of completed tasks divided by the simulation length) and the average latency per task (in ticks).


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