Write about the Internal analysis of Westlake chemical corporation

Write about the Internal analysis of Westlake chemical corporation. Topics include organizational analysis, analysis of firms resources and capabilities, financial analysis, swot analysis and strategy recommendations. The sub topics for all the sections are provided

4. Internal Analysis
4.1 Organizational Analysis
4.1.1 Corporate Visions and Mission
4.1.2 Products and Services
4.1.3 Leadership
4.1.4 Organizational Culture
4.1.5 Current Organizational Structure
4.1.6 Current Corporate and Business Strategies
4.1.7 Summary of Organizational Analysis
4.2 Analysis of Firm Resources, Capabilities, and Value Chain
4.2.1 Tangible Resources
4.2.2 Intangible Resources
4.2.3 Capabilities
4.2.4 Core Competencies and Sustainable Advantages
4.2.5 Value Chain Analysis
4.2.6 Summary of Firm Resources, Capabilities, and Value Chain
4.3 Financial Analysis
4.3.1 Valuation Analysis
4.3.2 Growth Analysis
4.3.3 Profitability Analysis
4.3.4 Financial Strength Analysis
4.3.5 Management Efficiency Analysis
4.3.6 Summary of Financial Analysis
5. SWOT Analysis
5.1 Strength
5.2 Weakness
5.3 Opportunities
5.4 Threats
6. Strategy Recommendations
6.1 Evaluating Current Strategies and Identifying Major Strategic Issues
6.1.1 Review of Current Strategies
6.1.2 Issues with Current Strategies
6.2 Recommendation 12
6.2.1 Proposed Strategy
6.2.2 Recommendation Justification and Implementation Plan
6.3 Recommendation 2
6.3.1 Proposed Strategy

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