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Discuss the relationship between music and religion among the various different cultures the course has touched upon. Consider such media as sculpture, painting and architecture. Your discussion must utilize specific examples from at least four (4) cultures including some from both the Western and Eastern traditions.
Compare and contrast the role of music in the Western and Eastern cultural traditions. How does music function in each? Is there a particular musical type that stands out from each tradition? What impact does music have, as a whole, on each tradition? Use specific examples from at least four (4) cultures to illustrate your discussion.
The areas we focused on in this class were Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Islamic, Japan and Africa.
The paper needs to be 10 pages total, that would include the cover page and the reference page, so there will be 8 pages of written information.
I need 4 scholarly references and I also need the book referenced. The name of the book is \”The Humanistic Tradition, Volume I, sixth edition, author Gloria Fiero\”.
Name for title page
Trisha Kang
Marian University
Please see attachment for specific paper guidelines.
Thank you!!!!

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