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Drama interpretation essay on the play Poof by Lynn Nottage
This paper is about your ideas and your ideas alone, so do not use sources outside of the text of the novel itself to illustrate your points. Your primary purpose here–as with any interpretation–is to build your argument about what you see as significant in the work. What stands out to you as important images and ideas that convey meaning?
Again, an interpretation is about the exploration of meaning and significance in a work. See pages 1223-1230 for instructions on writing essays on drama as well as a sample interpretation essay.
Be sure to review the sample essays in the textbook and to follow the format for your own essay. As I noted previously, your paper should follow the basic structure of an essay, should be free of grammatical errors and typos and should follow MLA formatting guidelines (as shown in the sample essays in the text).
The questions I will ask as I grade the paper are the same as always:
Does the essay express a central idea?
Does the essay develop reasons that argue for/prove the central idea?
Does the essay present evidence from the text itself to support its points?
Does the essay conform to standard essay and grammar conventions?
One of the biggest mistakes to make in writing any interpretive essay is to simply summarize what happens in the story. Your focus is not on retelling what happens in the story, but to write an argument about what happens. It\’s not so much about what happens in the story, but what it means, what\’s significant about it.

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