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Assignment 2
Research/project proposal of 3,000 words (60% of module marks)
The assessment criteria are on the eBridge site of the module.
Hand in date as stated in section 8.

This assessment is designed to prepare you for the honours project (dissertation or independent study) you will undertake in your final year. This assessment intends to cover all the Learning out comes stated in Section 12.

Design a research proposal (the first step in undertaking a dissertation or independent study unit in your final year). When setting out your proposal, please include the following:

-Background and case: Why this research is important, how you came to choose it and its relevance to your programme of study.
-Clear aims and objectives: No more than 5 objectives. The objectives can take the form of hypotheses or research questions. Supplementary research questions may also be necessary to give strength to your proposal.
-An initial literature review: This is important to support your research proposal where appropriate. You should review a minimum of 10 references no more than 5 of them being textbooks. Your reference list at the end of the assignment will not be included in your word count, but ALL work cited in the text will.
-A brief case for the research methods and research approach you will adopt and support this with relevant references. Ideas/arguments developed in assignment may be included here if useful.
-Any limitations to your research and how you may overcome them, paying careful attention to ethical issues. (These need to be considered though you need NOT complete the HUBS Ethics Proforma at this stage).
-The key practice and/or academic benefits– contribution to knowledge from your research.

Task Requirements
The assignment will be judged by the quality of the work you provide, which is expected to meet the academic standards of level five.
Your assignment must be word-processed and double spaced in 12 point Arial.
The title of your work should appear at the top of the first page, and for this assignment, you DO need to use a contents page.
References will be Harvard style within the text and listed alphabetically, on a new page, at the end of the assignment using the heading References. You should NOT list references you have not used in the text. Page numbers of references MUST be included where text is within quotation marks.
Marks will be awarded for scholarship and related to the quality of the analysis carried out. This reflects the University assessment criteria for level 5. You MUST demonstrate what was discussed from the module as taught in class, as read in the core text, and as developed during tutorial sessions. References from ACADEMIC research papers from online journals (NOT INTERNET SOURCES-E.g Wikipedia) are expected to illustrate your examples. You must be careful to avoid plagiarism.

In the case of those planning to undertake a year in industry, this proposal may include specific discussion of investigations and research actions that could be considered during this year.

NOTE: There are many different types of final year projects, so the way you approach the six sections listed above may be very different from your class mates attempting other projects. Follow the guidance given during semester two, and be sure to participate in workshops/seminars where we will help you!

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