You are to implement certain requirements involving HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Description: You are to implement certain requirements involving HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each requirement (10 in all) corresponds to 10 points each for a total of 100 points. There are often multiple ways to satisfy a requirement so feel free to be creative! A large part of this exercise, and others to follow, is to get you to research new aspects of HTML by yourselves (please channel your inner Googler), beyond what is present in just the slides. We will leverage Bootstrap styling for this Project, but feel free to customize the elements to your liking – this is your Project! Overview: You are going to implement your own home page for your Midterm Project. This is a chance to showcase everything that you know and have done! To be submitted: all source files – HTML/CSS/JS (including images) or a zip archive with all of them. Requirements: First and foremost, the title of the page should be ‘CSE 1340 – Midterm Project, by yourname’ where ‘yourname’ is a placeholder for your full name. For example, in my case it would be: ‘CSE 1340 – Midterm Project, by Vidroha Debroy’. Second, you must link to the publicly available (on the web) Bootstrap css file. Third, you are more than welcome to style your page beyond what is provided by Bootstrap – however, this must be done via stylesheet(s) which must be submitted – no styling via the HTML page! The project-specific requirements are as follows: 1. Start your page with a Jumbotron. Customize it with any text and/or look and feel that you feel is appropriate to your homepage. 2. Add a grid with 2 columns – the ratio of the width of the first column to the second column should be 1:3. Hint – you don’t have to use Bootstrap for the width ratio but it is super easy if you do! 3. In the first column created per Requirement 2, place a picture of yourself (i.e., use the img tag) – you must also submit this image as part of the project. Make the image rounded (circular) via the appropriate Bootstrap class. 4. In the second column created per Requirement 2, place some text that tells the viewer something about yourself – this can be anything you want. Pick a font, size, color and apply it to this text via an external stylesheet (which you must submit). 5. Create a section for your contact info – put whatever you want in here and place this section wherever you want in your page. One minimum requirement is that there must be a link to email you. 6. Add a heading with the text ‘Relevant Coursework’.

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