you will present your understanding of how the author of the story reveals that theme.

In this essay, you will be choosing one theme from one story we have read in class, and in your essay, you will present your understanding of how the author of the story reveals that theme. For example, perhaps you want to explore the conflict of the individual vs. society in “The Story of An Hour”. Your thesis statement should state that theme and name techniques (ways) that Chopin uses to reveal that theme.
For instance, she may contrast the hopefulness in the nature images with the reality of Mrs. Mallards life; show a contrast between the behavior of Mrs. M and her sister Josephine, and she may use irony at the end of the story to bring out the conflict above.
Sample Thesis: In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of An Hour,” the author uses nature imagery, the contrast in two sister’s personality, and the narrative device of irony to reveal that when an individual’s needs conflict with those of the society in which she lives, society will be the ultimate winner.
See the two parts of the thesis?
The first part names the author and story and the techniques and devices used
The second part reveals the point or the “So What?” that you need to explain to your reader –that is your ultimate viewpoint about your topic (in this case, the conflict between the individual and society).

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